Need Mobo suggestion.

I'm looking to put together an AMD build soon, but I intend to use the GTX 460 768mb card. The 5770 seems a bit too weak, and the 5850 is a bit to pricey for how much I want to spend on the build. I need an AMD board with SLI so that I'll have a future upgrade path, but I'm having problems finding a solid board. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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  1. There are not many AM3 motherboards available with SLI support.. Those available have sketchy reviews.. If you can spend a little extra, my recommendation would be to go for a P55/X58 setup which features both SLI and Crossfire.. CPU wise, both of those platforms have good processors capable to carry you through for another 3years minimum..
  2. Hi.

    AMD + SLI isn't a very good combination if u keep in mind that the last nVidia chipset comes out 2 years ago.

    My advice is go with 5770 Crossfire or buy any AMD-ATI mobo and hack it for support SLI since theoretically any mobo can run SLI or Crossfire.
  3. How do you hack it, and is it safe to do? Can that possibly ruin the mobo?
  4. Here u can find all the information about mobo hacking and how this works.

    I can't warranty 100% but if u use the correct files for do the hack and the proper process is safe.
  5. Any one had experience hacking mobos?
  6. I'm looking for another GTX260 for try it but until now only know to Fugger that is the XtremeSystem owner that confirms me that works fine.
  7. Hmm, without more cases confirmed, I wouldn't be comfortable doing it.

    What 5770 would you recommend for a CF build?
  8. Go with one of this three: See here the Vapor-X OC very well.
  9. Now to try to decide on one. XD
  10. ^All are good just select the best for ur budget :lol:
  11. What's sad is I'm leaning away from the first one on the list, as I don't like the way it looks. XD
  12. Ugh, I really can't decide between an AMD build using an x4 965 with a 5770 gpu or an intel i5 760 build with an nvidia 768mb gtx 460.

    I can get the i5 760 at microcenter 15 mins away from me for $169, they also sell the 965 for $159.
  13. The i5 760 is straight forward a better processor compared to the X4 965.. There are plenty good P55 motherboards with support for both SLI and Crossfire giving you added flexibility.. IMO, going the P55 route is a better prospect..
  14. Do you see any issue with going with a LGA 1156 P55 board that will shortly be obsolete as they are rolling out LGA 1155?
  15. IMO going with the i5 isn't a good option since with that rig u only can run a singel GTX460 768MB while with the 965 u can get 2x5770 Crossfire that sometimes performs much better that a single 5850.
  16. Why would I only be able to run 1 GTX 460 768mb with an i5?
  17. :lol: my bad, u only list one GTX460 768MB in the thread so I thought that u only want run a single GTX460 with the i5
  18. If I built with an intel i5 I would intend to SLI 2 768mb GTX 460s
  19. If u want SLI with GTX460 go with the GTX460 1GB not the 768MB.

    Now before u purchase Intel or AMD keep in mind that the next year comes out Sandy birdge, Bulldozer and Bobcat all those with new socket the positive here is that AMD always has support from the old socket to the new one.
  20. Why the 1gb over the 768mb for SLI? I understand the 1gb is better, but again, I'm trying to stick to a budget, and I'm trying to stay right around 200 even for a gpu to start with.

    I'm aware of the new sockets Intel will be releaseing. That has me leaning heavily away from Intel.
  21. Yeah I know the budget thing and that's why I don't recommend go with Intel.
  22. MrMooky said:
    Do you see any issue with going with a LGA 1156 P55 board that will shortly be obsolete as they are rolling out LGA 1155?

    If you can wait till the full scale release of the SandyBridge then well and fine.. Otherwise the i5 760 is a good enough processor to sustain 3+ years before you are getting hampered by the processors performance..

    As for the video card, the GTX 460 1GB models (in SLI) perform more or less like a single GTX 480 albit at a lower price tag (little higher power usage though).. For a two video card setup, SLI scales better than Crossfire so its better to go with Nvidia cards..
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