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Hi im using a dual screen setup with a Dell and a syncmaster 2443nw (both 24" running at 1920*1200).
This setup used to work with my old GT8800 card but I just got a new HD5850 card and for some reason my syncmaster refuse to go higher than 1600*1200 (og 1080i / 30hz).

Any clues as to what i can do to fix this ?

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  1. My screen is the 2443nw - and it used to run fine in 1920*1200 before - trust me i know :) - powerstrip also verifies that my screens max resolution is 1920*1200 /66hz - but i cannot set the resolution for some annoying reason.
  2. oh ok then

    what cable are you using?
  3. It's Vga through a dvi converter.
  4. try running both

    using the 5850 and the 8800 for the two monitors
  5. eh no thx :) - i just want to know if theres some way i can brute-force a resolution using either powerstrip, write in the reg edit or some other method if available.

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