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HDD Bad Sectors

I had a WD Scorpio Blue that had some bad sectors so i replaced it with a new WD Scorpio Black. Now I was going through different sites in order to repair my bad sectors on old drive but when I installed HDD Regenerator it says that my current(new HDD) is failing backup data and replace it, where as WD Data Life Guard and HD Tuner Pro says that my new HDD has no errors or problems.
Please help me regarding this matter and also suggest some procedure to remove bad sectors from my old HDD.
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  1. Bad sectors can't be fixed, they get remapped to spare sectors. I've never used HDD regenerator, but I'd trust data lifeguard and HDTune first. HDTune has a health tab that shows the SMART status of the drive. If everything shows ok there, your new drive should be fine.
  2. could you please state some procedure to remap the bad sectors? I'd a HDD scan which told me that there are 27 bad sectors on my old drive.
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    If the drive is out of spare sectors, then there is nowhere to remap bad sectors and your data will fail. Open a command prompt as administrator and type in:

    chkdsk x: /f /r

    where x is your drive letter.
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