Confusion about my overclock

I just got my sapphire radeon 7850 from ups and installed it. I used MSI Afterburner to overclock it to 1050/1450, and the temperature on it has not changed from base clock. It feels like something's wrong, because i'm just using 4 stock fans from my zalman z9 case, and I see people say they only got 1300 with water cooling. Is there something i'm missing?
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  1. Are you increasing the voltage with Afterburner? If not then it's no surprise the temperature is not increasing.

    Also, 1050 is is a long way from 1300.
  2. I meant, I see people say they get 1300 as max..I think. Or, does raising the voltage let you overclock higher? Because from what I see, 1050/1450 is max. I'm brand new to gpu overclocking, so I don't really know anything.
  3. trust me to get 1300 you have to keep it really cool 1050 is easy with the 7850. try to get to 1250 and see that its dam hard.
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