Monitor not fit to screen any ideas?

I just put my computer together everything is fine except for one small problem my video isn't fit to screen. My current Resolution is 1920 x 1080, I currently have my hdmi wire plugged in to my monitor and card no adapter. My video card is 4850 power color 1gb ddr3. I am running Windows 7 pro 64bit is it an ati driver issue? or the hdmi? I have current drivers. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. What is your monitor make? (exact model)
  2. Asus vh222h I found no drivers for the monitor 1680 x 1050 is the largest my resolution will completely fill my monitor but I used this monitor with xp and had 1920 x 1080 but I used a gtx 260 at the time.
  3. Some LCD can be forced to run beyond its native resolution(Exactly what you are trying to do). You can force it on the GPU monitor setup/properties. Expect the image to be deformed.
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    Leon: No LCD can produce a higher resolution image than native on the screen. That is by nature because the pixels in the screen (as opposed to CRTs) are numbered and defined. So when you have 1680x1050 actual pixels on the screen, you cannot display any more. It is physically impossible. If you force a higher resolution with your graphics card on the LCD in Windows, the desktop will just become too big for the screen to fit in and you will just "float" around it with your cursor, not being able to see it obviously in one go.

    namredel: Your monitor is specified for 1920x1080 indeed, so you should be able to force that resolution to your monitor. You do not need new drivers for your monitor. It seems like a driver issue. Did you properly uninstall Nvidia's drivers before you installed the ATI card?
  5. yeah I did a complete reformat so I installed the newest version of ccc for my card.
  6. I looked up the reviews on Newegg for my card and someone else had a problem with hdmi they said they used dmi and it fixed the problem so I guess i'll just be content with 1680 x1050 for the time. Thank you for the help!
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