275 GTX Problem

So, I've tried searching all over the internet to find some sort of solution to my problem, but nothing seems to work. My problem is that when playing CoD4 and MW2 I get EXTREMELY low FPS and a high ping, however I'm on campus and get very good internet. The game responds quite slowly and choppy. However, on games such as CS:Source I get a good ping with FPS anywhere from 90-160. I've tried reinstalling the graphics card drivers, checking the power connectors, all of that stuff, but nothing is working! Also, I ran 3DMark Vantage (the new one that uses dx10 or something?) and my CPU score was 14000 and my GPU score was about 3500; I'm assuming that's very low for a 275 GTX. My overall score was about 4200 or so.

On a side note, I just defragged my hard drive and cleaned my registry using CCleaner. Also, if applicable, I only have about 57 processes running...none of them are taking up an unreasonable amount of CPU usage or anything from what I saw.

My computer specs:

-Core i7 920 2.66GHz
-Some $60 Zalman Heatsink and Fan
-Windows Vista 64-bit
-eVGA Nvidia 275 GTX 786MB (Or whatever the amount of memory is..)
-6GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 Triple Channel
-2x 640GB Western Digital HDDs (One of them doesn't show up, which is another problem I'm trying solve)
-850Watt Corsair PSU
-eVGA x58 Motherboard

Help would be GREATLY appreciated!!! This problem is driving me crazy.

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  1. *BUMP*

    Someone please help!

    By the way, I just ran 3MMark 06 and got a score of 2670...that can't be good.

    Also, I'm using a 23" Monitor
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