Graphics display works, but no video or 3d: is my card dead?

ok, heres the situation: i bought an expensive direct x 11 graphics card about a week ago. just this afternoon i turned my windows 7 computer on. the display came on and everything seemed fine until i get to the desktop, where the start bar wasn't all transparent and cool looking like usual. then I runned a game, and it said that the 3d engine wouldn't start. i tried a video, that wouldn't start. pictures worked though & i'm not seeing any artifacts or anything. i tried a different game and different videos too, and they didn't work. my motherboard has an integrated gfx card, so I enabled that, took out the direct x one, and everything worked fine. i put the direct x one in, made sure it was in well, and turned on the computer. the light turns on on the card but still no results. device manager says its working fine. I also know that my power supply gives enough power to it

so my question is, what is happening to my graphics card, is it fried or dead or something? is there any way i can save it?

thanks for any help
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  1. I don't think its drivers either because the same driver worked for my integrated gfx card.
  2. Maybe you should start by listing your system specs.
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    Have you tried reinstalling the latest drivers and reboot the system? This usually happens when you switch video cards.
  4. DId you install the 6-pin power plug into the video card ?? - the newer cards now require a power cable plugged into the video card from the PSU - If you do not install it the card will get enough power from the PCI-e slot to run in 2d mode but will not have enough power fro running 3d mode ! - If you did install it make sure it is connected fully.
  5. i did install the 6 pin power plug, this graphics card was working yesterday, but I will now try reinstalling the video drivers

    Edit: just reinstalled the drivers......and i feeeeel like an idiot. i really should stop posting about these computer problems 1 or 2 hours after i realize something is wrong *slaps himself in face* . in other words, reinstalling the driver fixed everything. :)
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  7. bojo600 said:
    reinstalling the driver fixed everything. :)

    Nice to hear that. :)
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