Anyway to disable a pci-e slot in the bios?


I have a gtx 260 as a dedicated phsyx card, but am pushing my system in terms of power.

I just played through mafia 2 without any problems, but for power concerns, as well as the fact that having the card in my computer reduces the bandwidth of my other card (asus 5970: I think from 16x to 8x), I was wondering if there is anyway of disabling a card in the bios, without having to actually physically remove it.

I know I can disable it in windows, but was wondering if there was a way of selectivily disabling and enabling it in the bios, so that it isn't even fired up apon booting. I haven't searched my motherboard manual yet, but don't remember seeing this as a possiblity. I will check when I get home, but was just wondering if this is something that is remotely possible.

Thanks in advance.

asus p6td deluxe motherboard
corsair 6GB dominators,
asus 5970
gainward gtx 260
i7 920 @ 3.8
corsair 750w TX
xonar sound card
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  1. Your PC is fine. 750W should be enough to handle both cards. Unless you overclock.

    By the way, there's no option of disabling a slot. All you can do is unplug the GTX260.
  2. ok thanks.

    is there any real benefit of having a pci-e at 16x over 8x anyway?

    I remember a year or so ago there were no video cards that would use more bandwidth than that offer by pci-e 8x anyway. In which case i'll leave the 260 in there till the next phsyx game.
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