3 G/s external harddrive with usb 3 enloseure case?

so i broken apart my hitachi simple external HDD, and it say it is 7200rpm and 3G/s. originally it use usb 2 connector, but i wonder if i put it in an usb3 case will it have higher trnsfer rate.
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  1. By the looks of these charts, I'd say so.

  2. well, obviously usb3 is faster, but i dont know if it will transfer at usb3 speed when i change it to a usb3 enclosure case since my drive is designed for usb 2.
  3. Hard drives aren't made for any USB speed, they are just limited by USB/bus speed. A 7200rpm drive will spin at the same speed regardless of what enclosure it's in. The data transfer rate is limited by the type of connection: sata, ide, usb, firewire,...
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