Is this a good card/good price?

Is this a good card/ good price?

I have no experience with the GSO.

This is about the price range I had in mind.

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  1. it seems a bit outdated, will probably be obsolete in a few years. if you notice the memory type, its ddr2. the latest (and best) memory in graphics cards is gddr5. if you have a low budget pc and don't plan on doing crysis with graphics all the way up and an acceptable frame rate, you could get that card
  2. I would say no. I get the feeling based on the memory that its one of the 48 shader GSO cards, and hence its junk. For a similar price you can get this.
    4670 1GB of ram, comes with a free copy of battleforge (if that interests you.) and is $72 counting shipping and rebate. If you MUST stay with Nvidia, try this.
    GT 240, 512MBs of ram, $69 after rebate and shipping.

    I think the GT240 is the weaker card, but I doubt you'll feel it. Both will provide better gaming experience over a 48 shader 9600GSO.
  3. For the price it is a pretty good deal. Although it is quickly being outdated and isn't really much of a performer if you are looking at gaming cards. In most cases the GSO will outperform the 4670 and GT240.

    To be honest, if you are looking for the cheapest bang for the buck and are willing to spend $100, I'd get a 4850 if your PSU can handle it.
  4. That's definitely a card to avoid. It's 128-bit and DDR2 which is just an ugly combination no matter which of the two processors it has.
    Get the HD4670 or the HD4850 linked above depending on how much you can spend.
  5. Jay, look at that card again. Nvidia has committed two sins in recent memory. The first was in renaming a card with a newer name. 8800GT to the 9800GT. These are the same cards, same speeds, just different names. Whats worse is what they did to the 9600GSO. There are several different cards, all with the same name. The original one wasn't to bad. It had the exact same specs as the 8800GS. 192Bit memory bus, 384MBs of ram, 96SP/Cuda cores/whatever Nvidia calls them now. Galaxy put out a 9600GSO which was a 8800GTX that was softmoded down. Good luck finding one of those... The next card kept the 96SP, but used a 128bit memory bus and DDR2 memory. This caused it to be starved to memory. The next one used 48SP, and DDR3 memory. This made it a little light on the computing side. These other cards don't perform the same, and are weaker then the "original" 9600GSO. The original card is the equal to the 4670, not these other ones.

    I do agree that the 4850 is a great deal, but didn't know if he wanted to increase the budget from $70 to $100. He'd have to spend more then that if he needs a new PSU as well.
  6. 4745454b said:
    Jay, look at that card again.

    :heink: Dhoo, sorry it was after midnight and I must have been confused. Maybe I read 9600GT for some reason. Blah to the GSO and DDR2. Yeah I'd go for a GT240 over that, or a 4670 for a bit cheaper. OR really I'd snatch a 4850 if I had a PSU that could handle it, that would be my best solution.
  7. Thanks for all the advice guys. I still have allot to learn about Ram, memory,gpu's and so on. I guess I'll bite the bullet and get the 4850. It's more than I wanted to spend and I'm still not sure I really need it but I'd rather have a card that can keep up when I don't need it than a card that falls short when I do need it.

    This is for the PC I replaced with a new build (see the link) I'm not sure what i want to do with it yet might try to keep up with my kids on the games might use it with my 52" DLP TV for watching Hulu and stuff like that. I think the 4850 should be able to do most of those things.

    Thanks again
  8. A 4850 would handle games FAR better than the 9600GSO or the 4670 for that matter. Unless you do not intend to game on it at all and just need a desktop card.
  9. Just make sure your PSU is going to be able to handle the card.
  10. Thanks for noticing. Actually the card is for the old computer with a 350w psu. I guess I should check to see if that psu can handle it. If not than I may get it any way and give it to my son seeing as the 9500gt that came off the old one is now the bottle neck on the new one. But He'll have to work it off in the yard if he wants the up grade ;)
  11. So the new build has that 750W PSU, what does the old build have? Is it enough to run the 4850? Look for ~30A on the 12V rail.
  12. smokey14 said:
    Thanks for noticing. Actually the card is for the old computer with a 350w psu. I guess I should check to see if that psu can handle it. If not than I may get it any way and give it to my son seeing as the 9500gt that came off the old one is now the bottle neck on the new one. But He'll have to work it off in the yard if he wants the up grade ;)

    I wouldn't run a 4850 on a 350W PSU. What are the specs on the unit. They should be printed on the side of the power supply. Specifically the 12V rating.
  13. Thanks for that 474545b. bad news the old one has(if I read it right) only 19.5A on the 12v rail. Good news (for my son) I'm going to get the 4850 anyway He can owe me I'll take the 9500GT form him I know that works in the old machine,that's were it's been living for over a year.

    Thanks still learning :)
  14. thanks to you 2 Jay
  15. oops :whistle: I hope Newegg has a seance of humor cause while I was looking at the old machine I found a driver disk for a network card that went out for reimbursement yesterday :non:
  16. smokey14 said:
    I hope Newegg has a seance of humor

    You hope they communicate with dead comedians?
    It's an interesting idea but I don't see what it has to do with your driver disk :p
  17. lol stupid spell checker. If I could think for my self that sort of thing wouldn't happen.

    anyway just got off the chat with Newegg, they told me to keep the disk as a gift just for trying it. lol
  18. Ok so I have my finger over the " buy the radon 4850 " :bounce: button poised for a purches when my Son, who will be getting this (more than I wanted to spen anyway) video card stops me :non: and starts saying something about "phisx bla bla bla", :pt1cable: "Nvidia yes bla bla bla,Radon no bla bla" Any one know what he's talking about? He said the this phisx thingie is on some games and the radon doesn't have it or work with it or something like that. :??:
  19. BTW Newegg must have noticed that I have been looking closely at graphics cards lately cause they sent me a $10 off any graphics card coupon. "I think there watching us". :0
  20. Where were you when I wanted a dad I could push around? I say ignore the trol.. errr kid and get the 4850. PhysX is only for a few games, and doesn't really add anything. He'd be better off with the 4850 over the other cards anyways as it performs better.
  21. Yeah, physx certainly shouldn't be the deciding factor on a video card purchase imo. You would need to spend $20 more for a GTS 250 for an Nvidia card with similar performance to the HD4850. And if you are going to do that you might as well spend $10 more on this which kicks ass comparatively and is a very nice deal;
    And then counter his "physx, blah, blah, blah" with "DX11, blah, blah" and your blahs will have more merit :p
  22. :kaola: See, you guys are hearin me. I just spent over $450 on parts for his new system then put it together for him and then when I need a card for my computer (the old one) and decide that instead of buying another obsolete card I'll get him a better one then pick up some more of his scraps he whines :cry: about my choice :ouch: . This is why some animals eat their young. it's a good thing he's my best friend :love: or I'd have to snap him in half.

    I'm getting the 4850
  23. ^
    Interesting choice of smileys. :love:

    smokey14 said:

    I'm getting the 4850

    Far better than a 9600GSO
  24. Yea, sorry...I guess I have been abusing my smiley privileges. It's OK to use the :love: if it's your son. it's no a NAMBLA thing :lol:
  25. smokey14 said:
    It's OK to use the :love: if it's your son. it's no a NAMBLA thing :lol:

    Ok that makes it all better :D
  26. Whats wrong with that? I thought everyone belonged to the North American Marlon Brando Love Association.
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