Hyper 212 evo or tx3 evo?

I'm building an A10 5800K rig and I'm using some pretty tall RAM. Will either of these accommodate it well? And is the 212 worth the extra 10$ over the TX3?
Link to RAM
Side note: any suggestions for better RAM? I don't need more than 4 GB for now
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  1. 212 EVO, that is assuming you are overclocking.
  2. Will it fit the RAM
  3. Yes.
  4. Hyper 212, All day.
  5. Go for the Hyper 212 EVO TURBO edition. It is dual fan already. It is such a great buy. Im using it and im not exceeding 47 degrees celcius at full load (Gaming). I recommend this product and im sure you wont regret it! Such a good quality at its price! GOODLUCK!
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