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I have computer with 3GB DDR2 RAM, and I am looking at upgrading it. Its current RAM config is 2x 1GB sticks of Crucial DDR2 667, and 2x 512MB Sticks of Corsair DDR2 533. I replacing the Corsair RAM with either 2x 1GB Sticks of Crucial DDR2 667, or 2x 2GB sticks of Crucial DDR2 667. That way, I'll have either 4GB or 6GB of RAM. I use this PC for mostly gaming, and I run Windows 7 64bit. I just want to know if there is a proformance increase. I don't mind spend spending the extra $40 if there is bonus.

CPU AMD Phenom II 550 BE 3.1GHz
GPU AMD ATI Radeon 4850X2 2GB

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Hi.

    The 6GB or more are only useful if u works with many Adobe applications at the same time but for games and normal applications 4GB is enough for now.

    Now bear in mind that independent or ur selection (2x1GB or 2x2GB) the RAM only can run at 533MHz that is the slowest speed of the RAM installed.
  2. For gaming, 4GB should be perfectly fine. If you multi-task heavily and work with serious applications then 6GB would be a good boost.
  3. Looking forward, is 6GB the way to go?
  4. Like we say, if u use many heavy applications at the same time (Adobe applications mainly) the 6GB are good but if that isn't ur case 4GB is enough.
  5. For gaming...4GB is fine. Win7 lets say takes 1GB on idle and add background tasks/services from third party apps, add lets say another 100MB. Thats 1.1GB, the other 2.9GB will be for games...I run two games at once before and it didn't go above 4GB of ram :)
  6. 2 x 1 gb 667mhz
    2 x 512mb 533mhz

    Get 2 x 1gb 667mhz for 4 gb
    If you can overclock then:
    or get 2x2gb faster memory
    or get 4 x 1gb faster memory
  7. just get 2x2gb of ddr2 800. simple as that.
  8. Just so everyone knows I went with 6GB, and it's been pretty good.
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