Geforce 5200 fx (agp, 128mb) or GeForce 6200 (PCI 256mb)? Need help

Messing around with pieces from an old computer. Motherboard supports both cards (supports pci, and agp8x).

specs of comp(nothing spectacular lol):
2.4 ghertz p4
1gig ddr ram
windows xp home

Trying to pick which card would be best. Normally i'd think a 256 mb card would be better than a 128mb card, but the 256mb card is standard PCI. computer will mostly be used by my younger brother to play World of Warcraft together online when/if we both find the time. Buying another video card isnt really needed in this case, i know these cards are dated in comparison to new ones, but the computer will not be used all that much.

GeForce 6200 PCI (NV44) without TurboCache, 256mb. Some info can be found here.


Geforce 5200 FX AGP 128mb. Some info can be found here.

I was also wondering if there would be any downside of having both installed and running at the same time(to switch between the two, or possible dual monitor) ? I've read briefly about this, and it seems possible. Curious if anyone has advice or suggestions about it.

thanks for your time, if there's any confusion about the questions feel free to ask, and i'll try to clarify.
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  1. Forgot to mention, I already have both of these cards salvaged from previous computers. Neither of these are being purchased.
  2. Figure i'll bump this once to see if anyone has any suggestion :)
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    Given that these are such old and low-end cards, I don't think the interface (either AGP or PCI) is going to make a difference. With that in mind, I'd probably go with the PCI 6200

    Also, another resource you can look at is GPU Review

    -Wolf sends
  4. 6200 hands down even thought it is a basic pci card. Try to find a agp version though if you can.
  5. Thanks for the reply's. That website looks pretty helpful as well in terms of making comparisons. Looks like the 6200 beats it. cool to know. And nforce4max, i would consider an agp version of that card if it was worth it...but it isn't really in this case, this comp is gonna be used sparingly, basically to surf the web and occasionally for lower end games. My newer computer uses pcie and handles any game i've thrown at it well. :)

    thanks for your time guys
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