Instaling a second SATA cd/dvd in a PC.

Hello,How do I install a second SATA cd/dvd drive in my dell dimension E520 with the focus being on the exact connection of the power supply and cables
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  1. hello
    well first you have to order a drive, after quick google searching it seems your dell uses a SATA dvd drive interface

    sata dvd drives

    there are two connectors on the back of the drive

    SATA (serial advanced technology attachment) connects to the red cable (data cable), its not as wide comparing to the power cable that runs right next to it.
    look at your power supply cables and try to find a thin and relatively wide connector to get the power to the drive

    if your power supply is really crappy it might not have the power cables, in that case you will need a MOLEX adapter like shown below

    make sure to have your computer disconnected from the wall socked before opening the case
  2. Thanks for the answer to my question, does the drive have to be the same make model etc ie Dell or can I use any make/ model of drive also does one have to be master and one slave as I have been told,
  3. you can use any make/model as long as it has sata connector on the back. computer parts follow sort of physical guideline making the same components interchangable
  4. Thanks again for your help I have now installed the new dvddrive but when connected inline with the original dvd drive it does not work. I have disconnected the original drive and connected the new drive and it works fine on its own, I have also connected the original dvd and disconnected the new dvd and the original works ok. I just cannot get them to work at the same time.
    Any ideas Regards Pete symonds
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