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ok a noob question i am changing my wifes m/b from a am2 to a am2+/am3 m/b
she got 2 gig of ddr2 800 ram that i want to keep and was putting a cheap am3 chip in new motherboard so down the line i can upgrade more if want to she just uses it for email etcetc but when i went to site checked the motherboard specs it says

biostar A780L

Support Dual Channel DDR2 533/667/800/1066(1066 by AM2+/AM3 CPU) MHz

does that mean i need 1066 memory to run any am2+/am3 cpu or could i still use the ddr2 800 ram ??
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  1. As per the info you've provided, the boards features DDR2 memory running from 533 MHz upto 1066 MHz.. So your current memory is surely supported.. As a side note, considering your wife's real need with the PC, i don't see the need for you to change anything if all is running smoothly..
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