ASUS M4A79XTD EVO Video Drivers Disabled

Hello folks,
Just bought and put together a new machine with the following parts


CPU AMD|PH II X4 965 3.4G 6M RT


VGA SAPPHIRE|100283-3L HD5770 1G RT

Lovely system was working great. Went to boot a couple of days ago and the screen was blank for a long time (Longer than usual boot time), win7 log on noise sounded and screen displayed in 640x480. (Normal 1650-1050) Rebooted a couple of times same problem. System recognized Graphics card, drivers signed and installed. The system listed the card as disabled. reinstalled drivers. nada. Checked status of Graphics card again and system confirmed that drivers were disabled. Then the screen turned off. Comp will no longer even boot in 640X480. When system is turned on the bios beeps once, then a few seconds later beeps again. Just once each time. (AMI Bios.) Cant figure out much more beyond that because well, I dont have a screen.... Ideas anyone?
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  1. What PSU do you have in there? It is possible that the card is not getting enough power.
  2. I have an 850 W in there, Pretty sure thats not the issue. And it did run for a while, and then quit, a power issue would be immediate wouldnt it?
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