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I've installed an nvidia 8600gt 512mb video card on my HP computer (Quad core, 2GB ram). When I installed it, I didn't really notice any difference over the Integrated Graphics Accelerator. I just got Mass Effect 2, and the graphics performance is really crappy. I get choppy frame rates on the second lowest resolution with nothing maxed out.

I was looking in the bios setup, and noticed that the 'Display Adaptor' selection was set to PCI. Shouldn't it be set to PCIe X16? I'm afraid to change it.

Or do I just need a newer video card and more memory to play a new game?

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  1. So, what else options u got in BIOS?
    If i'm not wrong there's 2 options: PCI or PGI.
    Did u disable the onboard graphic?
  2. I had to hook my comp up again to look.
    Ok, when I go into setup at boot and select 'Primary Video Adapter' under the Advanced menu, It comes up and says "Options - Integrated (Onboard)" and gives me PCI, PCI-e x16, and PC-e x1 options.

    I'm not sure how to disable the onboard graphics. I think I might have before I installed the driver for the new card.

    When I first turn the power on, the video card info is actually displayed on the screen before the HP splash screen comes up.

    If I change it to PCI-E x16, will I still be able to get into the setup menu and change it back something goes wrong?
  3. Ok, I sucked it up and switched it. I don't have a blank screen, so that's good.

    Is this just a crappy video card? The only reason I was tinkering in the first place is I'm considering buying a new one.
  4. okay, good to hear that..
    u are just mess up with BIOS setting... :)
    just stay with PCI-E x16 option.

    Try update your card with the latest driver and do gaming again, see if that make changes...
  5. The card you bought is WELL below the recommended system specs for ME2. An 8800 GT is the recommended minimum card and an 8800 is MORE than double the card that 8600 is... and let's be honest here... most of us gamers are NOT happy gaming on the recommended minimums. If your PSU can handle it, something like a 240 GT, 9800 GTX or an ATI 5750 would be much more suitable for that game. Those cards hover around the $100 mark... with the ATI being the highest priced.
  6. ^ Yeah, going from 2fps to 4fps is 100% increase, but it's still not fun :D.

    Anyway, did you connect the monitor to the 8600GT or is it still connected to the onboard video?
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