Brand new computer wont boot

I have just assembled a brand new PC. I have checked all the connections again and again. But still the motherboard LED's for the VGA and CPU blink red as soon as i try to boot.
Then it shuts down again without any response on screen or any movement from any hardware/fans.
I cant seem to figure out whats wrong since i have rechecked that the powersupply wattage should be high enough.
The specs are:
Intel i5 760 8mb
ASUS P7P55D-E EVO motherboard
nVidia Geforce GTX470 (Club3d)
8Gb Kingston 1600mhz DDR3 ram
60Gb SSD
600W Powersupply
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  1. Be sure you have connected the 4 or 8-pin power lead to the CPU power socket, and that your video card power leads are firmly seated into the card.
  2. Welcome Newcomer. Other than what treefrog07 mentioned, there are other suggestions/tips in the troubleshooting guide. Take a moment to go through the list, making sure to perform every step possible. Follow the link in my signature.
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