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I’m looking a new motherboard for my new case if you want to see the pictures of the case you can look at it here if you have high-speed internet, if you have DSL or dial-up go it imageshack and type in hyper33456 in the search Engine that is my screen name and look at the pictures there. I need some advice any tips for me forum?
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  1. Looks like it is a std ATX mid tower that will accept any std ATX board or a micro ATX for that matter.
  2. I know that but what brand should I get? There a lot of them and most of them have Crossfire/SLI, HDMI, the newly USB 3.0 and then there is the type of CPU your motherboard will use. Do you want an AMD motherboard or an Intel motherboard?
  3. It is not me building a computer! So what I want does not matter.
    It is going to be based on what you want, what you are going to use it for and how much money you have to spend on it!
  4. No it not a build more like motherboard chage I got a bare bone case from I thought was going to get a an empty case but I wasn’t was I got was a K8MC51G … to make a long post short I thought I was going to put motherboard from the dell motherboard into the case guess I was wrong. Now I need to chage the mobo but I’m also have problems with my maxor hard drive if you want look a the post here’s the link comment on it and tell me what you think.
  5. What is the CPU that you are going to put in the motherboard?
    On the hard drive it is hard to say what happened.
  6. IDK which to CPU to choose Intel or AMD?

    Fetal said that it was extreme heat and he may be right.

    Anyway I just put up a post about my Seagate and maxtor post a reply there.
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