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This is weird!

Hello, I just purchased a 9800GT for my computer and it works 100% fine I keep a close eye on the temps and have very good cooling. Ever since I got the 9800GT whenever I open up CPUID hardware monitor I either get the blue screen after I open it, over after a little while it blue screens, keep in mind this is only when the program is running.

Any feedback?
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  1. Hello :)
    Does it only happen when you open CPUID program ?
  2. yea, it just happened once though, and it was through cpuid hardware monitor
  3. It may be a driver thing. Are you using the 196.21 driver?
    Never mind, if its only happened once, most likely not a driver problem
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    Don't open CPUID HWmonitor!!
  5. im pretty sure that it's just the software, I also have a dell asus motherboard so i cant modify anything and i dont want to risk messing anything up by flashing the bios, thanks for your help everyone.
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