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I recently purchased a USB Graphics adapter (USB to DVI) that uses the DisplayLink technology and drivers. My laptop is a Dell Latitude E6400 running Windows XP Professional with an Intel 4 Series integrated graphics card. The docking station has a VGA and DVI output which I use to power two external monitors. The USB Graphics Adapter is for a third monitor.

The USB Graphics Adapter installed and worked fine when first installed. However, once the computer is shut down, it won't reboot. It freezes on the Windows XP splash screen. I tried updating all the drivers as well as using msconfig to stop the loading of the DisplayLink software, but nothing helps.

Does anyone have any other ideas?
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  1. I'm assuming it's because USB graphics takes some of your CPU load, and that might be causing the errors when you're loading Windows. I'm assuming of course that your laptop only freezes when a display is plugged in via USB?
  2. Once the DisplayLink software and drivers are loaded, it won't boot past the Windows splash screen at all. It doesn't matter if the USB monitor is plugged in, or even if I take the laptop off of the docking station all together. The only way to boot it again is to boot into safe mode and then use system recovery to restore the system to before I installed the DisplayLink software and drivers.
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