Free downloadable software for lexmark x1270

My friend sold me his printer but didn't have the software disc. need software to load on my computer to use printer & scanner... Thank You...
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  1. If it's a lexmark printer, then the drivers will be at You could go to and search for "lexmark x1270 driver."

    Ah, hah. Lexmark has this product as discontinued and there are no drivers on their site. Now you have the interesting problem of finding a source for drivers that you can trust, which may not be possible. THere are many sites offering them, which you will see if you look through the results of the Google search I suggested, but these are just as likely to be malware as good drivers.

    You have four options: find someone you trust who does have the disc, try letting Microsoft Update find a driver, use drivers from a questionable source (I would not), or get a supported printer. It's pretty shabby of Lexmark to have the model in their support section but not provide any drivers.
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