Radeon hd4570 w 512MB

Hello I'm buying a laptop, not for gaming but for video and camcorder stuff. Is this card good enough?
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  1. More than enough.
  2. Anything other than the integrated Intel graphics would be fine for this. I try to stay away from the Intel graphics as they aren't very good except for general desktop applications. An ATI HD4570 would be more than enough for most any 2D application. You could also do some very light gaming on it if you ever had the desire.
  3. That was enough.

    Actually I've seen an ASUS laptop equipped with HD 4570 and it can game (well, you have to cramp on the details and resolution to be able to do so).
  4. I would also recommend a big fat hard drive if you intend to do video stuff. HD video can suck up alot of HD space. A nice fast hard drive would be beneficial to, 7200RPM. And make sure you have DDR3 memory which will give you a nice boost. A quad core will rendure video faster as well. Just some extra help. In your case a video card isn't a huge concern, just make sure it is not the intel onboard and you should be fine. Any Geforce or Radeon GPU will most likely be fine.
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