Is it normal for core i7 930 to idle at 55-58 celcius?

I just bought my new computer and I am new in custom build computers and this is my first time to be concern on my computer's temperature. I just want to know your opinion about the temperature of my CPU which is a core i7 930 (no overclocking and stock fan and heatsink). It idles at around 54 to 58 degree celsius in all 4 cores and goes upto 68 to 75 degree celsius at full load in all 4 cores. I used realtemp to monitor the temperature.


Core i7 930 Processor
6GB Memory
Intel DX58SO Motherboard
Antec 902 Casing

All 4 fans of the Antec 902 casing are set to medium speed. The room temperature is about 33 degree Celsius (summer)
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  1. Those temps are ok with the stock HSF, considering your ambient temperature is quite high. Just remember that 100C is when the CPU either shuts down or throttles back to prevent further damage, while you should keep the core temperatures below 75C, perferably 70C to ensure longevity.
  2. Those arent exactly wonderful temps-
  3. Is the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus cooler a good cooler and will it make a huge difference?
  4. Very very good yes itll make an enormous fifferenc
  5. But is my current temperature good enough to make my cpu last for about 2 or 3 years?

    I will use it 8 to 10 hours a day mostly just for basic things like internet browsing but I will also use it for 3 to 5 hours of playing some latest 3d games.

    The latest CPU temperature I got today went upto 80°+ Celsius on all four cores and the maximum was 87° celcius on the first core using realtemp and 10 seconds of Prime95 with all fans on my Antec Casing set to High.
    I think is very hot and had to stop Prime95 because I got afraid that the CPU might overheat.

    Is this normal for a computer at full load and is located in a room with a room temperature of about 32° to 35° or is there something wrong with the placement or configuration of my stock intel cooler?

    (I am not the one who assembled the computer, a computer technician assembled it for me)
  6. I think that the temperatures you are getting are right for your ambient temperatures with a stock heatsink and fan. However I don’t like seeing my temperatures going over 70 degrees Celsius on full load so I would suggest that you either reduce your ambient temperatures or get a better heatsink and fan.
  7. ^ Agreed.

    I strongly recommend OP upgrades to a Hyper 212+.
  8. yes i agree with pj and shadow...
  9. Hi, I have the exact same processor i7-930 and stock heatsink&fan. My temp in idle is 39-41C and under load is in the higher 60ies C range. Here is atip that might help you lower the temps and keep the stock fan/hetsink: apply better thermal paste to the heatsink - you need to clean the sink and the processor from the stock paste with a leant-free (coffee filter works great) tissue slightly soaked into +70% iso-propil alchohol. Then apply a good thermal paste. I used ArcticSilver 5 which is considered a good one. It is only $5 per tube whch will last you for a number of applicaitons. Second tip: I also re-arranged the fans in my case and noticed that a quite but also slower intake fan (at the front of the box) significantly affects the CPU temperature. In my case it rose with 2C. In other words, put a powerful intake fan at the front (2,000rpm) and similar exhast fan at the back. Hope this helps.
  10. Putting arctic silver thermal paste instead of normal heatsink compound will reduce your temperatures by about six degrees centigrade which will certainly help, putting in more case fans will help a little bit as well, the two modifications might be just enough to bring your temperatures to just bellow 70 degrees centigrade on full load at your ambient temperatures without getting a new heatsink and fan but might be a bit noisier.
  11. Well, i paid $12 for a syringe of arctic silver 5 at the. Local electronic components store :(
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