Building right now, Power doesnt fit?

Raidmax PSU that came with the case (Smilodon) and a gigabit motherboard. The main power cord doesnt fit the housing on the mobo. Am I doing something wrong?
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  1. Is the PSU a 20-pin or 24-pin connector and vise versa on the motherboard? The PSU should fit but it might just need to line up the connectors correctly.
  2. It has a 20 pin connector and then a 4 pin connector. The Mobo and PSU have the proper number of pins but each pin is cut into a square and a square with a rounded bottom. Those dont line up properly. Hope that makes sense
  3. Well...I feel like a goober, but I figured it out. My vision is bad so I was trying to put the 4 pin clip at the bottom and the 20pin at the top. Once Irealized there wasnt a special connector for each and flipped them (4 pin on top) it fit =X
  4. I'm glad you figured it out... :) Sometimes it is the little things we miss. :D
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