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Here's a strange question. I need to secure a VGA cable to a PC so that it can't be easily stolen. A typical HD15 or VGA cable has two screws on each end that you can screw into the video card using your fingers. What I want to do is replace them with a screw, ideally with a Torx or similar head. My problem is figuring out what size screw to order. The local hardware stores didn't have any that were small enough. I think it needs to be 10mm long and it's a coarse thread.

Thanks for any help you could provide!
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  1. You are probably best off getting a VGA cable that uses small screw instead of the plastic thumb screws. Granted you can screw the plastic thumb screw down just like a screw, but the small metal ones would require a tool. Look at the link to see what I mean.

    Just curious, why do you need this. I'm just nosey. Who steals vga cables?
  2. Yeah... That thief must be a gamer... :lol:
  3. I wonder if this is for a Kiosk or something. I hope whatever is on both ends of the cable have security cables as well. I don't think a VGA cable is a thiefs first choice.
  4. Students who live in residence halls! They love to steal anything! It's actually for a VGA cable connected to an HDTV in a lobby. I need one end to be regular so they can secure it to their laptop and the other to be secured as much as possible. Thanks for your help!
  5. Dang college kids. haha
  6. ihateduke said:
    I need to secure a VGA cable to a PC so that it can't be easily stolen.

    I'm having the same exact issue. I don't know if students/faculty are "borrowing" the vga cables and "forgetting" to return them or what, but I need to secure one end better. Did you ever find anything that worked for you?
  7. The cable at newegg looks nice, but it would be nice if there were just screws that could be purchased somewhere to replace the existing thumb screws - would be a much cheaper option for those of us who need to secure 10-20 existing cables.

    Found this on amazon... but what are those screws!?
  8. Got it! Ok, we are looking for a #4-40 machine screw!

    Here's a 1/2" screw - which should work with that connector:

    I also found this kind:

    Just make sure you get the right screwdriver for it!
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