E8500, E6850 Or Q9300?

Hello guys, i have this 3 CPU to choose from, witch one is the best? [only from this 3].
its only for hardcore gaming and HD video!
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  1. Yes, i will be able to oc the cpu.
  2. Then chose the quad but you won't be getting a stunning OC out of a Q9300 (as it already runs a 1333 / 333 FSB and it has half of the cache missing of a full Yorky.

    A better buy in terms of a quad to overclock would be the cheapest 12MB cache quad you can afford ...


    Alternatively the E8500 will fly along for most things you want ... it is just a little less "future proof" in terms of the newer games ... that will make use of the extra 2 cores.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Does all games today support multi core?
    i am new to all this and my current pc is the eeepc :|
    i think i will go with the e8500, what would you take?
  4. Newer games support more than two cores ... not all ... but as time goes by they will.

    The E8500 is a good choice if your happy to not overclock, and it will give you good all round performance, as you have 2 cores flying at 3.16.

    If your going to overclock, then look at a comparable priced quad, preferably one with the 12Mb cache ... as upping the clock on it will return a much more predictable performance boost for you.

    Hope this helps.
  5. if this is a new system all of those would be a poor choice
  6. Well obviously the OP has an LGA775 mobo ... at least that's what I assumed.

    If he didn't I'd be suggesting an AM3 mobo and anything tripple or quad ...

    Good point.
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