Ddr3 frequency

how can i lower my SO-DIMM DDR3 SDRAM frequency?

not through bios if possible
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  1. What exactly are you trying to do? The only way to adjust RAM frequency I know of is in BIOS.
  2. yeah .. i know but i cant access the configuration part in bios, only tha main things like boot options for example.

    so i was wondering if there is somekind of software that does that ...

    or you can help me in accessing the advanced bios?
    my mobo is: acer travelmate 5742zg (Intel HM55 (IbexPeak-M DH))
  3. I meant there is no configuration option/tab/function in my bios.
  4. It will downclock the frequency automatically if the mother board is not supported or if it paired with lower stick...
    (so usually it not need for manual setting)

    why u want to downclock it? higher usually better....

    edit: As anort3 said, the only way i know also trough bios... (and most OEM do not want we to mess with their bios :( )
  5. ok ..
    I bought new ram card BUT !!! i didnt check the supported frequencies and bought the one with higher than supported sooo..

    is it possible to lower the frequency to the supported value??
  6. The laptop should adjust the memory speed automatically based on what the motherboard/processor support and the memory supports.

  7. yeah they dont want us to mess with their bios and thats why they've disabled some bios functions on some notebooks/laptops like on mine :/
  8. ok i will try again to install the ram
  9. As has been said above most laptops have very limited BIOS options.

    Have you tried the new stick of RAM? It may work at the speed your motherboard defaults it to. I susect it will not though. When adding RAM, especially to a laptop you want a stick identical to what you have. You must match speed, voltage and timings.

    Laptops can be very picky with RAM though and you should really use RAM officially supported by Acer. You should be able to find out by going to the Acer website and entering your exact laptop model. If not then send them an email and ask what's officially supported.
  10. Put your old one in the first slot and let the new one in the later one, so with this the new higher freq ram will downclock and match your old ram...

    all ram with higher frequency (certified) also certified to run at lower speed/freq... It's true some crappy laptop/notebook picky about it's ram but i haven't seen one recent year...

    edit: if there no old ram usually it (new ram) will automatically downclock by the mobo....
    just make sure it's had same voltage..
  11. yeah i've got it done but another problem rised ...
    it says
    installled memory: 10 gb
    available memory: 2.5 gb

    i dont understand
  12. -- deleted ---

    double post.

    My internet connection acting up again...
  13. Are u using 32 bit os?

    32 bit OS only support to 3gigs of rams and with 500 meg used for graphic memory u get those numbers... (2.5 gig)

    try by using (genuine) 64 bit OS.... (0ver 3 gigs require 64bit OS)

    The last, there are max / limit gig rams supported by mobo, so also double cross check it.....

    edit: installing 64 bit os will require overhaul so backup first and DL any needed driver before install it...
  14. A 32 bit OS supports 4GB of RAM not 3GB. It will usually "see" 3.25GB after accounting for what's reserverd for hardware. So you do need a 64 bit OS to use over 4GB of RAM.

    How are you running 10GB in a laptop? A 2GB stick and an 8GB stick? Did you check the Acer website to make sure your new stuff is supported?
  15. As i remember it more close to 3gb more than 4gb support of 32bit OS,... (only about 3.2 that useable the rest goes to "system reserve" that cannot be used)

    anyways my A6 lappy (x64) also get weird number of 3.5 gigs of ram from 4gig ram it had, 500mb is reserved for graphic. i'm thinking same case happened here
  16. ok i messed something ... didnt check the half of config for ram ..

    yeah i've 32-bit OS

    i'll check with my friend to change the this 8gb card for something smaller or 2x 4 gb cards and install 64-bit OS

    i didnt check the latency (max supported is cl9 but this one's cl11)

    and also i shouldnt put the 8gb stick over with 2gb ... i should've combine the smaller values like 2x 4gb :S
  17. wkwkw...

    well at least u can exchange them...

    btw latency is quite diffrent from speed.. if it suported CL9 it will support CL9+ (10, 11, 12....) but it might strugle at CL8,...

    also latency always bigger (for now) if the speed / freq higher for stability issue so pc 16000 CL 9 equal at 10600 CL 8 (just example), it better to leave it at auto and let the mobo handle it if u not know much about it...
  18. yeah .. i'll keep that in mind from now on ....

    i mean: If I dont know much about upgrading options then i'll take a lesson from someone who knows! :)

    It was nice to chat with you guys!
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