Will this computer play World of Warcraft any good?

I am looking at this computer on a buy and sell site and it is a very nice looking computer for $200 and im wondering what you guys think.
My question is will it play World of Warcraft any good?
I know it needs more ram but whats the graphics card like?

Heres the stats

Viper Ver.1 Edition Gaming Case
MSI - P4N-SLI Motherbaord
2.8 Ghz Intel CPU

GeFORCE 8400 GS 512 DDR2 PCI-e video card
VGA-DVI Adapter

1.5 GIGS DDR 2 Ram with Capability of upgrade to 4 gigs.
320 GIG Maxtor HD
LG lightscribe Super Multi DVD writer 22x
CD-R 48X/CD-RW 32X
Creative Soundblaster Audigy 1394 edition model SB0090
Vertical upright Asus Heatsink with copper piping & high speed RPM Fan (Quick silver thermal paste)

120 mm intake fan at front of case
80 mm blue led intake fan on side of case.

120 mm blue led exhaust fan

2 Front USB ports
Front Audio Ports
6 USB ports in rear of Computer
Viper case features:
LED Displays of operation timing, CPU temp, HD usage display
Front opening latch for power and reset buttons. USB & Audio ports
4 slots for dvd and cd roms.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit edition, Nero Essentials 2009, AVG Anti-virus FREE edition, Adobe flash, Adobe Reader, Java.
Included is FREE ACER mouse and Keyboard, 2.1 speaker system, HP 17" Monitor.

Thats what he gave me on the site
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  1. What model cpu do you have with that board? On the side the 8400gs is far to weak to game even for a P4 so I would look for any thing on par with a 7900gs/x1900xt level since they can pull their weight when playing wow even when multyboxing. A 9800gt/ 5650 would go far when gaming.
  2. Nevermind this article I pissed him off now he won't sell it lol It was a shitty single core proccer
  3. I'm sorry but that computer is a piece of junk so you did well not getting it. The copy of Windows 7 the seller installed on it is worth more than the computer is.
  4. lmao thanks for the heads up
  5. Assuming that copy is legit. I've got $100 that says he would have got no COA or CD with it.
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