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Hello,im currently in afganistan. When I am home I tend to upgrade my personal built pc myself. i have upgraded everything scence i originally built it myself but the motherboard and processor, which never seems to keep up with my graphics card. i have a dual core intel 2.4ghz processor now and wanted to know how i go about upgrading processor and motherboard without screwing it up and without having compat issues. oh im also looking to keep the ability to go dual GC if i choose.
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  1. 1) THANK YOU!! For serving in the Military (making the assumption :) )

    2) You will need to upgrade your CPU, MOBO and RAM to an newer AM3 or Intel chipset with DDR3. After you decide what route you want to go on AMD & Intel with your decision on your Graphics Card. AMD for ATI or Intel for ATI or Nvidia.

    3) You will need to do a fresh install of your operating system once your remove and reinstall all required components. (If you don't have it, I would recommend getting Windows 7).

    4) Also, you will need a new heat sink for overclocking when you make the jump to your new setup.
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