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Ran into 2 more issues.

1. Everything seems to be powering up properly including the GPU's fan, but no image is appearing on the screen so I cant load the bios, etc.

2. I have a Samsung HD and a Lite On (Both sata connection) DVD. The PSUs Sata power connection is to damn short so I cant plug in the HD and the Rom. Suggestions?
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  1. Also, pushing the power button on the front will turn on the machine, but not turn it off. I have to flip the switch on the back.
  2. No suggestions =(
  3. Might as well, list your specs first?

    Do you have a discrete GPU or an integrated one? Have you properly connected the cables?
    GPU - Radeon HD 4670 1gb

    I cant get the machine to beep at me either. I've tried the small speaker the case came with and one from my old system. The HD is completely unplugged so Im sure it should give me some beep. Every fan on the case/mobo works (Proc, In/out takes, GPU). I've removed the GPU and added it. I've tried 1 stick of ram. 2 in various slot combinations.
  5. Yes. Thats why I tried the memory.
  6. Could you try that memory in a different system? Faulty mems usually won't make your PC boot. In my case, I forgot to reinstall my mems when I clean my PC which resulted in the same thing as yours.
  7. You need to perform EVERY step in the checklist. #2 is by far the most common mistake.

    Your computer won't beep at you if you don't have a HD installed. You can still get into the BIOS without a HD.
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