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i've oc'd my q6600 with the tape mod to 3.0ghz and i've done a terrible mistake in the process...i forgot to plug the fan and by the time i figured that out my cpu reached 70 degrees for about 10 sec until i pluged the fan...now i have two questions:
have i done any damage to my cpu?
when i plug'd the fan it was really noisy and in the speedfan was showing 4600rpm,is that possible for a fan 4600rpm?
thank you!
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  1. Not damaged and yes a fan can go that fast
  2. now my cpu at idle it has temperature between (unbelievable stock heatsink) 17-27 degrees!!!
  3. its fine the thermal max on the q6600 is 71c but your fan is going faster now due to the increased work load namely 2.6ghz -> 3ghz
  4. so my cpu is ok...that's a relief!!!
    thank you very much!!!
  5. spahiu said:
    so my cpu is ok...that's a relief!!!
    thank you very much!!!

    If you had forgotten to connect the fan for long enough, the CPU would have automatically shut the system down. This prevents CPU damage should the fan fail (it happened on one of my systems).
  6. Although a bit high, 70C is not an alarming temperature for the Q6600. The CPU definitely did not take damage. Prior to even shutting down, it throttles its speed down to avoid overheating.
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