Overclocking AMD X4 975 Phemon II On M5A97

i am tryinto get a perfornce peak/ stable peformance up to 4.2 Ghz .but for some odd reason it will only go up to 3.8 i have let it auto tune it self but no results any advice on how to get up to 4.2 Ghz
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  1. Phenom II's are difficult to get past 4GHz, my personal chip needs 1.56V to keep 4.1GHz stable, play around in the overclocking part of the bios, if it's black edition, we have a good sticky at the top of the forum for that, if it's normal edition, play with the FSB, but try to keep the ram/HT close to their normal specs to avoid instability with em
  2. (Update) I know this is a lil old but just wanted to say that yes it was difficult I never could get over that threshold of 4Ghz even setting the voltage still made it vey unstable now this post can be put to rest
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