Problems after bios flashing p55gd65

i have msi p55gd65 motherboard intel i5 750 processor
recently i updated my bios through live update 4
everything works fine except my hdd light does not light when the cpu is running and when i shut down my pc it turns on
only when i switch off the power supply it slowly fades away.

and when i switch on the power supply the light does not turn on (hdd )as it should
what should i do
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  1. Sounds like you plugged the HDD light on the wrong set of pins, Check your manual.
  2. +1^ Sounds like you connected your HDD LED connector to the Sleep LED. Easy to check. Good luck!
  3. it was working fine before i updated my bios and i didn't open my cabinet and i shut it down not put it on sleep thankyou
  4. I have never heard of a BIOS update remapping the LED pin-outs. It would be pretty hard to do as it is a physical interface. BTW, it fades away as the residual power that is stored in your motherboard's components dissipates.

    Not to add any insult, but are you 100% sure it worked as intended before the BIOS update? Please don't take offense, but little things like that are often overlooked and are coincidental with users noticing a problem. Every true geek has done this to themselves, including me.
  5. the thing i am confused about the most is if i have shut down my computer psu shuts down too (i know this because if it was supplying power my dvd drive, its tray would open when i press the button )except the little bit of power it supplyes to the motherboard which goes to the power button .
    if the power is leaking then why doesn't it leak when i switch off the switch and switch it back on
  6. When you shut down the PC, the PSU is supposed to power down as well. There is no power leakage, it is residual power held by the motherboard capacitors and other components. Not an issue nor a problem.
  7. how much power does a capacitor suppose to hold
    can it power the L.E.D for 3 - 4 hours (it does not fade after 3 hours is just i have seen it till 3 hours).but if i switch off the psu from the main the L.E.D fades off it abot 10 sec i think those i are the capacitors you are talking about.
    so assuming the capacitors discharge after i power down my psu so there is a definite leakage of power .
    pleas reply
  8. Is the system shutdown or in sleep mode or hibernating?
  9. it is shutdown and i am 100% sure about it
  10. Do you have access to another PSU that you could swap to check this out? This can only be caused by an issue with the PSU itself. The mobo simply sends to signal to turn on/turn off the PSU. Not a mobo issue in my opinion.
  11. swapping psu dint work
  12. Have you tried re-flashing your BIOS?
  13. yes but flash it with the same version
    and is it same to flash with usb when the computer starts and using a windows program to flash
  14. I, generally, prefer to flash my BIOSes with the manual method (the USB method you mentioned). I have never had a problem with the Windows flash utilities, but I just don't trust them.

    Be sure to use the most current version for your mobo. Verify that the version of BIOS matches your mobo (pay particular attention to the mobo version as well if there are different BIOS versions for different mobo versions for your particular mobo).

    Good luck!
  15. didn't work updated the latest bios
  16. So, you are right back where you started. HDD LED doesn't work properly and the PSU is still powering the motherboard/system even after shutdown. Is this correct?

    By the way, when you system is operating, does it perform as expected?
  17. yeah everything works fine
  18. I have (almost) exactly the same problem. (My HD LED is fine, unlike the OP's.)

    P55-GD65, just flashed the bios to v1.9 from whatever the mobo shipped with (v1?). Case power LED was fine before. Now when I shut down the case power LED stays on. If I unplug it from the wall then the LED will go out after about 10 seconds. When I plug it back in again the LED flashes but then stays off.

    I haven't tried leaving it for hours like the OP but if it does stay powered for 3hrs+ then that's quite a lot of power remaining in the caps. Plus seems strange that a bios flash will cause this problem...

    Any ideas?
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    Hopefully this should work...

    In bios, goto Power Management Setup => JFP2 Power LED Function => set as Power LED
  20. :D thanks it worked
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