[PLEASE HELP] Vista shared hard drive problem

Here is my problem. I have 2 computers in my home network. both vista HP 64. i have there harddriver shared. I can get to the harddrives fine but i want to be able to create folder on the other computers harddrive. all computer have the same user name and password. Under permissions i gave everyone fullcontrol. File sharing is on. the only thing i could think of was to make a login on pc1 like this "\\pc2\username. but it wont let me. i am also running kaspersky internet security, and i have made my home network trusted. ant help would be awesome. and if you need more info let me know. Thanks
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  1. Nevermind, I have fixed the problem. Thanks to all those who read in hopes of helping.
    the problem was under permissions under advanced sharing; not the folder permissions itself. hope this may help someone.
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