Correct DDR3 Ram Voltage?

So i have a rampage 3, 980x, 12gb 1866, 1200w psu

Now when i configure the ram in the bios and its default settings are 1.654... for the ram i get that warning that says any voltage setting that is greater than 1.65 could damage the processor

so i reduce it to its next setting down: 1.64... and the warning goes away, but im afraid they wont work to their full potential, nor can i overclock them to 2000mhz

is it safe to leave it at its default 1.654 even with the warning?

The ram i am using is:

Corsair Dominator GT 1866mhz 9-9-9-24
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  1. HAHA :lol: RAM voltage can go a LOT father that 1.654 to damage a CPU. Thats more of a thing like "overclocking can kill your CPU 2 years early in its 20 year lifespan". If its unstable, stop, but if it isnt on fire, it still has headroom :lol: Get it to 2000 MHz, dont worry.
  2. This is good to know - do you have any references - when i google it i get very specific results to different boards. is there a specific rule of thumb - im just worried that the default value will damage the cpu - it was expensive... lol
  3. Id imagine! $1000! Heres a link to some:

    Most DDR3 can easily go to 1.7-1.8 volts easy, but most dont have the need. You should be able to get that to 2000 MHz with a tiny voltage increase. However, if you are afraid, dont do it. The performance gain will be close to 0.
  4. It should be more than good, however, i dont recommend pushing it above 2 volts. Technically it can go to 2.35v, but i really dont recommend that. But keep it under 1.7, 1.8v, and you will be plenty safe.
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  6. Thank you very much!
  7. Awesome - that allowed me to get to 3.6ghz on a whim and jumped my wei memory from 7.8 to 7.9 (while still running 1866 - 2133 it won't boot) - cpu still 7.8, but i was watchin an hd video durring the test so... (i know wei doesn't matter much but i want to max it out)
  8. When dealing with I7's you don't want to take ddr3 voltage over 1.7 volts since it will damage the cpu.
  9. It wont damage it. Thats more of a guideline. Try to keep it at 1.7 or below. Up to 1.8 is pretty safe. Basically dont go above. but 1.654 is perfectly fine.
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