Yet another noob 5850 question

Hi all,
sorry if this has already been asked, but I couldn't find anything answering my question on the first couple of pages.

My 4850x2 has gone bust and someone has convinced me to buy a 5850 instead, whoch seems quite nice. Now, for my question:

How much power is needed for two 5850, in case I decide to add another card later on? Will a 650w NorthQ be sufficient?
I have a P6T-deluxe/920i7/2 sata drives/3 sata hdds

Regarding the 5850, there are several brands out there. Which one would you guys recommend?
Sapphire HD5850 1GB GDDR5 PCIE (Game Edition)
Club3d HD5850
MSI R5850-PM2D1G
GigaByte GV-R585D5-1GD-B
XFX HD 5850

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
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  1. I've never heard of NorthQ before but looking them up it seems to be a fairly decent brand. So it might be ok for 2 HD5850 but you are probably pushing it a bit which isn't really a good idea.
    The only differences between the cards of various brands is the cooler and warranty. I would mainly decide based on which is the best deal.
  2. The Radeon 5850 will be great for your need for the most part.
    If your motherboard supports CrossFire, Then instead get the two 5770
    Two 5770 in CrossFire will out perform 5850 for the same price and will perform on-par or better than $400 5870

    2 5770 will be around $320-330
    Otherwise, If your motherboard don't support CrossFire, 5850 is still a great choice

    GooD LucK
  3. I've been buying Sapphire cards for years, and I highly recommend them.
  4. Though a 5770 is really enough power to max out crysis, a 5850 would be cool. 600 watts or so would crossfire the 5770's if your mobo allows it, and 2 5770's is 50% better than a single 5850 for the same price. For double future proof though, get the Sapphire 5850. Sapphire always has better cards.
  5. demon 2 x 5770's are not 50% better than a single 5850.

    @ OP Go for a 5850, that way if you feel you need more powahhh then you can get another for CF.

    the brand isn't to important just go for the best deal. I have a Gigabyte 5850, but I'm sure other brands would be just as good.

    On a side note, I've just overclocked my HD5850 from stock 725/1000 to 920/1125mhz, on stock voltage :)

    Excelent overclockers. Not that it needs to be overclocked :P
  6. The HD 5870 has been measured to consume 110w of power under normal gaming conditions (160w when using FurMark benchmark).

    I would guess the HD 5850 will consume about 95w under normal gaming conditions.
  7. thanks for alle the replies
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