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OK, so I have this cool little bootable CD that has a bunch of utilities on it that a friend made for me. I own legal licences of all of the software involved, but my friend (who is sadly dead now) made a neat little program selector for me so that I could put all of the utilities on a single CD. In short I want to move this CD to a USB flash drive, and am stumped on how to do it.

I have made bootable USB drives for Win7/8 installs on netbooks and such, but no matter what I have tried I cannot seem to get this to keep his nifty little program launcher to work. Is there a way to directly copy the CD to the USB stick sector by sector? I have tried xcopy and robocopy with no success (well, not no success, it simply boots into Blancco instead of the program selector). I have no idea on how he made the CD in the first place; the man was truly a wizard.

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  1. Create an image file of the CD with this.

    Then burn it to the USB stick with this.
  2. Thankyou, I will give it a shot tomorrow!
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