Another 8800GT or something new?

Quick question. I'm thinking of upgrading my PC to improve the graphics in Mass Effect 2. I currently have a single 8800GT (it's the offensively noisy Palit one, if that makes a difference) and so I'm wondering if I'm better off buying a new graphics card in the region of a HD4870 (NOT the X2) or if it's better to just get another 8800 and SLI them? Which would have the greater there much in it?
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  1. Adding another may let you play the game but after some time when more new generation games arrive, they wont just be enough

    If you have the money to get HD 4870, then Go for tht 5770 HD.
    Supports DirectX11
    Shader Model 5.0
    is a New Card(Will be great for couple of years or so)

    It will play almost every game upto 1920x1200

    GooD LucK
  2. Ah, so the extra functions of a 5770HD would give better longevity..although when I got the 8800GT one of the major factors was DX10 compatibility.

    What about pure performance (framerate) at the moment...which solution is better for that?
  3. Nope dont get another 8800 GT. If you dont want the 4870 X2 then what about a 4850 X2?

    Or as already suggested a 5750 or 5770. They are both in the £100 range (5770 £120)
  4. Yeah, the HD5770 is a good choice. Besides the DX11 compatibility it also is extremely power efficient and supports 3 monitors.
    2 8800GTs will give you a bit better performance but they will use a TON more power and give off a lot of heat even if your PSU can handle it.
    For something a bit better than the HD5770 you may want to wait on the HD5830 coming out early next month if you can afford it.
  5. Well,
    The Radeon 5770 can perform great upto 1920x1200 as I said before
    Read some articles and make sure you'll be 100% satisfied with it

    GooD LucK
  6. Third one

    http://www.hard ware can

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  7. Ok, that sounds great. The 5770 seems to be a good option (I don't have a lot to spend).

    Last question, and it's a bit vague I know, but is the performance of a 5770 likely to be streets ahead of an 8800GT or are we talking a slight improvement here if the rest of my system is unchanged (AMD 64 X2 3500ish, 4GB RAM)? ie is this worth doing?
  8. Are you kidding
    Going from 8800 GT to 5770 HD will give you a real PERFORMANCE BOOST

    Your PC is good for 5770
    However, I suggest you upgrade your CPU sometime in near Future to get even better results from your Card

    GooD LucK
    And let us know about your experience
  9. The HD5770 performs similarly to the HD4870 and GTX 260. Whether or not you should upgrade depends on your resolution. If it is 1280x1024 and below I'm not sure it will be worth it especially with that processor. If it's 1680x1050 and above it is definitely a good idea.
  10. Sorry, I posted the last reply before I refreshed the page and so I missed some of those responses. I'll do some reading up on those links and I'll probably end up going for the 5770 (and maybe a new processor if I can find one on ebay). Thanks, guys!
  11. The answer depends on a few things. First, I assume you have an SLI mobo and PSU? If you do then you can consider it. If not, forget it. Second, see if you can figure out how well Mass Effect 2 scales with SLI. If it does well, then you should consider it. Two 8800GTs in SLI would be a hair faster then a 5770. As a new game, you might need to wait a bit to see these results.

    That said, a 5770 is a good idea, as would a GTX260 provide good frame rates. Not sure about that 3500 though. I know of a 3600x2, but the only 3500 I know of was a single core.
  12. 4745454b said:
    Not sure about that 3500 though. I know of a 3600x2, but the only 3500 I know of was a single core.

    Haha! I'm afraid not all of us are blessed with your encyclopaedic knowledge! I don't remember off-hand what the exact spec is (I'm not a hardware nut really). It's probably a 3400 or something, but it's definitely a 64-bit X2. As I mentioned, I'll look at upgrading it in the near future.

    Anyway, I just bought an HD 5770 for £119. Thanks everyone!
  13. Enjoy.
    And let us know about your experience
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