MSI afterburner? GTX 670 MSI power eddition

OK so I just got this card yesterday and i was wondering if you could please help me find either a program or settings to overclock it with

can you also give me settings because i am an overclocking nube and will probably kill my card if i dont get help :/ but please send me settings for a stable "stronger" OC taht will not damage my card because this card should last me about two years... thanks in advance!

also does anyone know if MSI GTX 670 power eddition's warranty is voided by changing voltage?
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    You can use MSi Afterburner for all your overclocking needs, including core overvolting and msi's special triple overvolting (to access aux volts and mem volts).

    About OC'ing your card, you cannot use someone else's GPU settings as everyone's 670 GPU (MSi or not) is unique. You must OC your card manually to figure out its true potential in order to get a Stable and Strong OC. Do not push the card to its MAX OC potential -- Frankly, you don't need to OC.

    Here's a 670-specific Overclocking Tutorial:

    Use this guide carefully and make sure you use MSI Afterburner instead of EVGA Precision X (the tutorial gives steps for Precision X), especially if you wish to use MSi's Triple Overvoltage feature.

    You're all set! Make sure to follow the tutorial carefully.
    Do not worry about your MSi 670 PE Warranty, it covers Overclocking and overvolting.

    P.S. If you really want to see settings of a potential OC:
    This is the max OC settings of my MSi 660Ti Power Edition. It is Close to MSi 670 Power Edition settings/numbers since its the same GK104 Kepler Chip (670 Chip)..

    This is only for your reference... So, Check it out: .
    But, DO NOT try applying any values without the proper methodology (as described in the tutorial)!!!
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  3. thank you very much! :D really appreciate the long though out response, i will try all of those right now i dont think it is needed but as soon as i start to get low fps i will again thank you! :D
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