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Hello All!
I have been browsing this forum for quite a while & have read a lot of interesting articles. Anyways, today I am hoping for some help. Up till recently Ive been running " win xp pro, 32bit with 4 gig ram". The System has been near flawless. i then formatted a new drv & loaded xp x64, but not without some problems. Actually, i should back up a little. before i added new drive, i installed another 4 gig ram (i know), but wanted to see if i would encounter problems on 32 bit with 8 gig of ram on M/B.......No probs!.
OK, was not able to get a post until i removed all but (1) ram stick (on cpu 1), tried diff variations-but all failed. sys booted & i made some checks. 4 cores showed & no prob devices. shut down. tried adding ram to dims on cpu 2 but wouldn't boot. however, it did post & boot with all dims filled on cpu 1 (4 gig). 4 cores still showing OK. "I'm stumped!", not sure what to change in bios or what info i should report to you.

Specs: tyan s2895, enermax 650 psu, (2) main drvs-sata (removable racks: 1 ea), pny quadro fx 4400, creative audidgy 2 zs, canopus 1394 advc with frt bay, siig raid card (pci-x) - with (3) sata's (2 in raid 0)

All above no problems in "device mangr" Would appreciate any help/advice. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Are all the ram sticks the same? Some boards won't mix ram sticks well.
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