I3-330m vs core 2 quad

Please help me...I am planning to buy a laptop with i3-330m 2.13 Ghz 4GB RAM and i want to know if the core 2 quad 2.26 Ghz 2GB RAM is better. i want the best between these two, price doesn't matter...please don't suggest any other series...just tell me about these two and i'll be really be thankful...using it for everyday needs, shall install many softwares and maybe some games like nfs mostwanted.....i have a 512 mb nvidia graphics card.... :hello:
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  1. Better in what regards?
    Power consumption - I3 will give you longer batter life.
    Processing power - Q9100 has a passmark score over 3400. (330m is just over 2000)
    Gaming - which has the better graphics susbsytem? Probably the I3 if ythey are both using integrated graphics. I dont know if you'll be able to install your graphics card into the new laptop but check the specs to make sure its not a step down from whatever comes with the laptop.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- The C2Q is a quad-core, the i3 is a dual core. Win the C2Q.
    2- The C2Q is a 65nm processor, the i3 is 32nm processor, so, less power , less heat, less voltage. Wind the i3.
    3- The C2Q don't have L3 cache memory, the i3 have 3MB of Intel® Smart Cache (like a L3 cache). Win the i3.
    4- The C2Q is a "old" processor (Q3 2008), the i3 is new (Q1 2010). Win the i3.
    5- The C2Q is better for games, that the i3. Win the C2Q.

    i3=3 against C2Q=2. If you don't plan install heavy games, go for the i3, or save a little more money a go for a i5.
  3. Ehm when u say "heavy" games... can u give me a example?
    i just bought a alienware with i3 330. and i am planing to play Bad company 2 and world of warcraft.

    is the i3 330m good enough for tht?
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