Integrated graphics with VGA

hey guys, i have a pc that i need to use for presentations, but i need a different output on two different screens.
the motherboard is:
Intel® Desktop Board D865GBF
and the VGA is:
GeForce FX 5200

is it possible to plug one monitor in the VGA output and the other in the motherboard graphics output and get two different screens?
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  1. No, but I believe the card itself should handle multiple displays on its own.
  2. how? it got only 1 output
  3. we need more detail about your card, can u show us the link?
  4. cant find any pictures or link of the card ... since all 5200 that i found have 2outputs and the one im talking about has only 1 output and its an agp card ... and i dont remember the name of the manufacturer ... i have to wait till friday till i get a look into the pc and get the manufacturers name too ...
    either way ... lets say you have a vga card with one output ... can you plug a monitor to it and another monitor to the integrated graphics in the motherboard?
  5. umm, if that the case then no, u can't...
    well, i never tried before since i don't have an onboard graphic...
    okay, to make it sure u take a look inside your case what the card is...
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