Cpu or motherboard failure


Would a fried CPU result in the bios not showing up?
mobo is an ASUS P5B. It's not the PSU or the RAM. Everything seems to power-up ok, fans, green mobo light, etc... but system wont go into bios. The monitor registers a signal but shows a blank screen. Removing the RAM made the mobo beep but still no bios.

I figure its either the cpu or mobo & if anyone can tell me if cpu failure will result in bios from showing I'd appreciate it.

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  1. YES,sure would..no store that you can take it to just to be sure ?????...:)
  2. wow that was quick! thanx man :) I will take it for testing monday.
  3. If you had a CPU failure, you would not get any BIOS beeps.
  4. I only get beeps if i unseat all the RAM
  5. Reseat the ram on stick at a time and try turning on the machine each time, maybe a faulty stick
  6. JSC is correct, if the processor were dead yo would get nothing.
    If have a reset switch, make sure its not stuck 'on'. I've seen this cause your exact symptom.

    Also pull out the video card and insert it again (with the power off of course)
    Other than that memory, as mentioned, is the thing to check.

    If this is a new build, make sure none of the standoffs are shorting the motherbd; put some insulator inbetween them.
  7. So just to be clear, are u saying that if the CPU was fried the mobo would not beep even if RAM was unseated?
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