Can a harddrive be used on a PC nad Notebook ?

hi there
i been using my pc for a long time and about 8 months ago i converted it into WHS and placed it into the basement

i got a notebook instead and it's really cool being able to go out and use it ( blah blah blah )
but i recently realized that 90% of my notebook usage is actually docked in my room and hocked with hdmi to te lcd screen and operational 24/7

i almost never shut it off

so i been thinking about getting my self a new pc for my room and giving the notebook a little rest

but the thing is i keep all my stuff centralized
i mean for email i got the outlook installed with 8 accounts and all other stuff almost the same

so i don't want to lose that and having my stuff scattered at 2 locations ( notebook and pc )

so can it be done using the same OS hard drive on both the pc and the notebook ?

i mean install double drivers ( ofcourse while building the pc i'll get same brand components of the notebook )

i dunno i havent thought it throw yet

but as a concept
can it be done ?
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  1. I'm not a pro when it comes to this but I may suggest you something. Why don't you use the Remote desktop connection feature to connect your laptop to the PC (I assume it is your main repository location). That only requires that your PC and notebook is connected via network.
  2. but it will require the laptop to be on 24/7

    which destroys the whole purpose
  3. I said use the laptop as a terminal to connect to PC and the PC will act as the "server". You may opt to reside your main repositories in the PC then just use the laptop to remote connect to it. That way, the PC is the one who's gonna be always on and you would be able to keep everything centralized in the PC, not on the laptop. In a multi-user network, you should have a central computer (i.e. your PC) which resides everything including files, OS, etc. and only use terminals (i.e. your laptop) to connect through it. Anyway, this is just my approach for this problem.
  4. Ok, and what if he wants to do that when he isn't in the house? I don't think that's feasible.

    And even if you did get that to work, win7 would activate every time you switched due to different hardware. (winxp is likely to die every time)

    I think the only way to achieve your goal would be to find a way to make the laptop sync when you connect to the home network. That way you can do email and stuff when not home, come home and turn it on and watch it update everything, same when going to leave with it. Only problem is I don't know of a specific way to do this or if it can be made this seamless.
  5. mmmmmmm

    well this is actually pretty reasnable
    using lan wire the sync speed should be pretty darn fast
    but can such a FULL sync be achieved ?

    isnt there a program or somehow to have 2 sets of drivers ?

    when inserted into the pc i activate set 1
    and so on
  6. @False_Dmitry_II: The answer is simple. You'll just have to extend the network via the internet. You may use virtual network computing softwares (i.e. Real VNC) to do the same thing. That would only require you to have your server (PC) and the terminal (laptop) connected through the internet.

    I doesn't imply that the things you actually didn't know about aren't feasible.
  7. No, I know about that stuff. But then you need to worry about security because you're opening holes, and if your vnc connection isn't secure people supposedly can watch what you're doing. That stuff would be a pain to do.
  8. a7medo778,

    Are you talking about taking the laptop hard drive out and putting it into the desktop everytime you switch which computer you want ot use??

    Cause if so then not with windows, while windows generally recognizes drivers for like cd/dvd's fine the only way for ones it doesn't would be to delete + reinstall them everytime like for gfx card or anything like that.

    There is a forum here if you've used ubuntu or wouldn't mind using it

    Then kind of what they mean is that You would take your laptop hard drive out of the laptop and put it in the deskotp, delete laptop drivers install desktop drivers. Fix the fact that it'll say windows is pirated if it does. Then using your laptop you can remote deskotp to your desktop which to learn how to do that read here

    However you will need to replace the laptop hard drive... and the OS, and make the old harddrive fit nicely somewhere in the desktop sicne they are meant to have 3.5" hdd's....
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