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  1. GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 is an onboard graphic card, we need to know what is your motherboard, brand? model? type?
    And give us the detail of your PSU, brand? model?
  2. sorry, here's the site for my specs: currently i have an amd athlon 64x2 5000, an ati radeon x1950 xtx, and just installed a new ocz 6000w psu. i know the card isn't the best, nor the rest of my rig. i'm just looking for an upgrade from my 1950 and would like to play tf2 without running dx81 on low settings haha. oh btw, i bought the card already so i screwed up, not that exact one listed but another. i'm just hoping it can work with my pc
  3. haha i did. it was an impulse buy hence asking about it after i bought it. i did come across some evga 896 gtx 260 216 for about 150-160. but at the time i didn't have the money or was inaccessible. so will it work? lol
  4. haha yeah. well wouldn't my set up just bottleneck a newer card even more? i suppose if i want to i can just resell it and then put money into a newer one.
  5. how about this ? anyone know the phyiscal dimensions of the card?
  6. alright well i'll see how the 260 runs/fits then i'll decide if i'll sell/buy the 5770. whoa, be easy on her. i just need something to play tf2 with at least 60+ fps. i suppose i'm just a novice with computers, i don't need a mid-high range pc. i will one day, hopefully get the balls to make my own build. thanks
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  8. yes i did, thanks for the help
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