EVGA 560 TI @ 1080p?

I'm currently running my EVGA 560 TI on my 22" 1600X1050 LCD monitor. The card is OCed pretty nicely (950 core 2220 mem) so I'm able to run pretty much everything I play with 60 FPS most of the time on max settings.

I'm considering upgrading to 1080p in the next month or so, but will probably hold off until I get a new GPU if I'm going to see too much of a performance hit while playing on at least high settings.

I don't plan on upgrading my GPU untill the next gen Nvidia cards come out at some point next year.

So...Is it worth upgrading my monitor now, or should I wait until after I upgrade my card?

I game with Vsync on and prefer to run at least 45 FPS, 60 is ideal though obviously.
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  1. get the monitor, you can always lower the resolution in game settings if the performance difference is too much; there will be some but how much depends on the game.
  2. I have a 560ti, I can play the majority of games at at least 40+ FPS in 1080p, usually 60+. I plan on getting a 7950 or 8870 in the next few months, whichever one is better.
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