OC'inig advice on AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+ Toledo (S939)

Hi everyone. Hoping I can get some advice on the highest stable OC I can get from my CPU and RAM.

Basic info first:
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+ Toledo core, socket 939
RAM: Generic (I think) DDR-400Mhz rated, 2x1GB
MoBo: MSi K8N Diamond S939 (NF4 Ultra SLi chipset.)
GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX260 (inno3D version)

At the moment I can get 275 FSB with 10x multiplier so I get 2750Mhz per core, not too bad but I would LOVE to get a 300 FSB to get 3Ghz per core (Ambitious?). Voltages set to max for RAM = 2.85v, no cooling yet, set to DDR200 Dual-Channel so I can get a higher FSB. CPU V-core = 1.5v. Idle temps around 45c, not tested load yet. Stock cooling although pretty good size HSF. NF4 voltage set to 1.65v. Might go higher. HT link set to 3x for the moment as I believe the NF4 is limited to 1000Mhz or 1100Mhz.
I guess all I want to know is 3Ghz possible? I don't do many RAM intensive things and CPU needs to be faster for a certain few games. I'm not bothered about killing this CPU as I have a Manchester core of the same spec.

Also as a side note, since my RAM is running 200Mhz Dual-Channel does that make it equivalent to 400Mhz single channel?
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  1. Can't seem to edit so current RAM timings are:
    Tcl 2
    Tras 5t
    Trcd 2t
    Trp 2t
    Trrd 2t
    Trc 7t
    Trfc 9t
    Trwt 1t
    Twr 2t
    Twtr 1
    Tref 128 cycles
    Timing set to 1t.

    Thanks in advance
  2. If your going for max OC on your 3800+, I would relax the ram timings a bit and use 2T timing, might run into problems with it at 1T. Also 2.85v on the ram is asking for a chip to blow, You shouldn't need more then 2.5v for DDR2, I personally think that even overkill since your not OCing the ram anyway with no extra cooling.

    At 275FSB you might have just hit the max stable OC on that board, I could be wrong. !st I would lower the CPU-NB and see if you can go higher on the CPU, if your running unstable, could be the CPU-NB holding you back. Keep ram as close to stack as possible until you find your max stabe OC on the CPU, then play with the ram.
  3. Ah, ok. The problem with overclockin CPU then the RAM doesn't really work, as I can only raise to 235FSB until my RAM limits me. If I put the RAM down to 100Mhz, I can get to 275 no sweat. Even had 290. Have to up the VCore of my CPU but that's not a problem. Also, it's DDR1 not 2 :)
  4. Ah ok DDR1, that would explain the volts, I was going off my old 6000+. But yeah The ram can be a real hassle if its pushed to far, making you think its the CPU giving you the trouble when its really the ram.

    But yeah keep the ram close to stock, timings and mhz so you will know that it isn't the ram messing with ya. After you fine you stable OC, play with the ram. Thats what I have always done on the older systems.

    I got an AMD Sempron 3500+ 1.6ghz to 3.1ghz. That was on an older ASRock board when they knew how to make them then. Every mobo and ram will clock differently, some better then others.
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