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My CD-ROM won't read any discs I insert, it is powered on but the access light does not blink. This problem has arisen after I replaced my mobo and processor without reformatting my HDD. Can anyone suggest a possible solution? Thanks
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  1. anyone?
  2. are you sure you connected it? Is it detected in the bios?
    Is the cable on correctly?

    Open the tray and see if you can see that the lens is still there?
    I've seen them fall off on some drives.

    Edit - And if your is one that has a "Play" button on the front, pop in a music cd and see if it will play that.
  3. excuse my noobness but how do i check if it is detected in the bios?
    im pretty sure the cable are in correctly
    no matter what kind of cd it is nothing happens it won't even show up in my computer
    the lens is still there

    anything else it could be?
  4. When it fires up go in to the bios and disable quick boot. F1o and save changes. When it reboots pay close attention and see if it detects the rom drive. If it goes to quick you can stop the screen by pressing the pause button on your keyboard. If it is not listed and you already tried a diffrent molex plug an ide or sata ribbon chances are that it is bad. And I can tell you to not even bother trying to fix it they are so cheap you are better of ordering a new one instead of googling ways to repair it. Good luck
  5. when it boots up after applying the changes a screen comes up after the bios screen which says

    marvell 88se61xx adapter

    adapter 1
    disks information
    no hard disk is detected!

    does this mean it cant detect my hardrive? the computer works fine only for the cd rom so i don't understand this
  6. where abouts in the bios should i see my cd rom drive listed?
  7. Ide or atapi 0 drive 0 (or master)

    What motherboard do you have?

    Bios looks something like this:

    Boot looks like this:
    Ignore the circled f11 thing... you should see your drive listed in the ide section. If its not listed there then the mobo doesn't see it and therefor windows never will. I only show the IDE because I dont think there are any sata cd rom drives.

    If its not listed there, then we may have to "Turn on" the ide interface which varies depending on your motherboard.
  8. the drive is not listed in the bios. my mobo is the ASUS m4a79xtd evo

    Ide or atapi 0 drive 0 (or master)- sorry i dont understand what your asking here could you clarify

  9. the cd rom shows up in device manager and in my computer but won't in bios? can any one help plz
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