Back up HDD and my main HDD disk don't match up. I'm confused!

Okay, so here's my set-up

Main HDD: IDE Maxtor 160 gb

Backup HDD: IDE Western Digital 250 gb

My maxtor currently has "65.9 gb free of 152 gb" while my western digital has "84.6 gb free of 232 gb". I'm using the windows 7 backup utility, and I'm not sure why things aren't matching up. Backed-up my hard drive just an hour ago.

One thing to note, if it makes any difference: A week ago I restored my windows 7 to a "previous point", because a patch for a game didn't work out. (previous point being a few minutes before the patch was installed).

So, can someone help explain to me why my back-up HDD is using so much more space? Thanks.
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  1. Does anyone know the problem?
  2. Have you done more than one backup? The Windows Backup utility keeps multiple versions of files so, for example, you can restore a file from a backup made 1 month ago even if you made a more recent backup.
  3. Well, I did defrag my main HDD a few days ago, before I backed up. Not sure if that would''ve done it. Yes, I've done 2-3 backups so far. If this is the case, 2 more backups, and my backup HDD will be full. Doesn't sound right.
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